RMK Constructions

The Driving Force

Creating the foundation
for your future…

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for considering RMK Chola Gardens to be your future home. It is not just a home constructed with quality building materials that we offer you, but a value system that will ensure an eternal and exquisite lifestyle unique to RMK Group.

“What’s in a RMK Chola Gardens Home that the other constructions do not offer?”, you may ask. Our answer is “It is from the RMK Group! Our unswerving commitment to quality and reliability together with our unquestionable honesty are what would make the difference. Just put your trust in us, and feel the difference.” Got more questions? We are ready to answer every question you might ask, and provide every clarification you may seek. Our confidence comes from our diverse  experience in creating globally renowned institutions with absolute adherence to regulations, fair-play, and transparency, and it is no ordinary feat. Hundreds of families trust their wards’ futures with us every year, and we at RMK have built up an unenviable record of successfully living up to that trust over the years.

With best-in-its-class features, right pricing and strategic location, a safe and well-maintained neighbourhood, and importantly, with the promise of the RMK Group, RMK Chola Gardens awaits with open doors for you to build your future. We welcome you heartily.

R. S. Munirathinam.
Founder-Chairman, RMK Group